At HVAC Services 4 You, we understand that our customers have several reasons for wanting to see the inside of their duct system. You might wonder if your ductwork is actually dirty enough to require cleaning. You may have seen something disappear into a register opening. You may have even had your ducts cleaned by another provider, but you’re not sure whether they did a thorough job.

Whatever your reason, you can get a complete HVAC Services 4 You air duct inspection—without having your ducts cleaned. Upon completing an inspection for your home or business, we will provide you with the following:

  • A written report detailing the cleanliness of your systems.
  • Detailed recommendations for necessary cleaning services.

In order to be completely thorough, our HVAC Inspection includes visually inspecting the interior surfaces of both the supply and the return air ducts. If necessary, we may create one or two access openings in your ducts to do a complete inspection. We will, of course, professionally seal and secure all openings afterward—so your ductwork is returned to perfect condition.

As a part of our HVAC inspection service, we also inspect furnace blowers and blower compartments, A/C evaporator coils and HVAC system filters. You will have the opportunity to see everything we inspect, allowing for full transparency in our services to provide our customers with peace of mind.

Schedule Your Air Duct Inspection Today

Duct Dudes’ residential HVAC inspection typically takes 30 to 45 minutes per system. The cost is $105 per residential system, and $50 additional fee if your technician must enter a crawl space and/or attic space to perform the inspection. Travel fees may also apply. Customers who purchase an HVAC inspection are eligible to receive $50 off a full HVAC duct cleaning if the cleaning is performed within the 30 days following the inspection.

With commercial and home HVAC inspection quotes available upon request, why wait for your air duct cleaning or inspection? To schedule an HVAC inspection for your home or commercial building, contact the HVAC Services 4 You team by calling 347-234-5350 today!

Please note: Commercial HVAC inspection costs are quoted upon request.