HVAC SERVICES 4 you delivers the best duct cleaning service in Tri-State Area, and we use industry-best equipment to do so. First, we arrive in a  Power-Vac. It is in excellent condition, with less than 25 thousand miles, and Duct Dudes has been the only owner. Features include:

  • 12 dust collection bags
  • 16,000-CFM power
  • Quincy 325 Air Compressor that pushes 200 psi air pressure
  • 200 feet of quality, commercial-grade air tubing
  • Over 100 feet of premium KanaFlex tubing
  • Plenty of storage for all tools and equipment
  • Black paint with custom graphics

This is the type of equipment you want rolling up to your property. Not a mini van, work van, HVAC truck or pick-up truck, since the companies that use those vehicles are generally “blow and go.” They have made a minimal investment in their equipment—and our professionally equipped truck is worth more than their entire business. HVAC services 4 you sends technicians to be professionally trainer by the most reputable duct cleaner in the country. In addition, we have invested in the best equipment the industry has to offer. Some blow-and-go companies have less than $5,000 in equipment, along with no training and no insurance. Worst of all, they utilize methods that technically do not clean air duct systems at all.

Don’t trust these imposters with your ventilation system cleaning.

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015