Stan – Certified Technician

Stan has been with HVAC Services 4U since the beginning.  He has an extremely pleasant personality and a real talent for explaining things in a manner that allows non-industry professionals to follow along in fascination.  Stan is  with over 10 years of experience.  If Stan arrives to perform your service you can count on a high quality job conducted by a personable professional.

Nik – Certified Technician

Since joining our team in 2012, Doug has demonstrated a vast knowledge of the air duct cleaning industry.  He is extremely energetic and provides our services with diligence and efficiency.  Doug is an NADCA certified ASCS with several years of experience.  As our resident problem solver, Nik sees all of the angles and he has yet to come across a task he can’t complete.

Tim - Senior Technician

Tim  has been a member of the Duct Dudes team since 2011.  He pays great attention to detail.  We often joke that he should be cleaning air ducts in a museum because the quality work he provides truly is a work of art.  Mike is currently studying for his certification exam and aspires to earn his certification in the coming year.

Isaac – Senior Technician

Isaac worked for HVAC Services 4U early on in the company’s history and has recently returned to a full-time position.  He has a lot of experience and a great personality, our customers find him very easy to talk to and his knowledge of our industry is vast.  Isaac, like Nik, has been studying for the certification program and plans to earn his certification soon.

Yuliana – Receptionist

Yuliana is the voice behind the HVAC Services 4U.  She fields calls and helps to guide our customers so that they can decide if our services are right for them.  Yuliana has a lot of experience in the air duct cleaning industry and you will find her pleasant demeanor a breath of fresh air when inquiring about our services. 

Please feel free to ask Yuliana any questions you may have about our services, she is more than qualified to assist you!

Scott – Assistant

Scott assists in the day to day operations, business networking, and in business development.  His duties are to provide high quality customer service and to correspond with customers and peers via social media.  John also assists in fielding calls; some of you may have spoken to him when inquiring about our services.  With the company since 2011, Scott is a valued member of our team.


We invite you to get to know the HVAC Services 4U team, your air duct cleaning company.  Personally trained, our staff is committed to providing the highest quality service in the air duct cleaning industry. Our team conducts themselves in a professional and respectful manner while in your home.  Our staff has been together for several years and you can absolutely count on HVAC Services 4U for all your indoor air quality needs. Give us a call today at 1-347-234-5350.