HVAC Services 4 You uses EnviroCon to sanitize residential and commercial ductwork. EnviroCon is manufactured by Bio-Cide International Inc., and it is an EPA-registered product. We only use the best and latest technology for our air duct cleaning, with EnviroCon providing a noticeable improvement in your building’s air quality.

About EnviroCON for  Air Duct Cleaning

EnviroCON is a mild, safe deodorizer used primarily to remove odors associated with mold, mildew or bacteria. This product is unscented and is NOT a perfume, cover-up or masking agent. Rather, it works by oxidizing the cause of odor or contamination—not by adding its own scent to your ventilation system.

Working as a bacteriostat and fungistat, EnviroCon effectively inhibits the reproduction of odor-causing microorganisms such as mold and mildew with an active ingredient of Chlorine Dioxide (0.1%). When the product dries completely (usually in 1-2 hours), there is almost no residue. What little is left is inert and has no further chemical action.

Therefore, the product is also completely safe for building occupants, including children and pets, with no evacuation necessary during or after application. However, even with a product as mild as EnviroCON, individual sensitivity should be taken into account. If you or other building occupants have a chemical sensitivity of any kind, it is wisest NOT to have Duct Dudes apply this treatment to your air ducts. 

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 Cleaning your air ducts can also help improve health and air quality for ​you and your family.